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Praise for Counting by Sevens

Thank you to all of who attended my readings this fall or purchased a copy of Counting by Sevens. In two bits of bright news on this dreary December Monday, Counting by Sevens is featured today in Jersey City Books: A Buying Guide for the Holidays in Jersey City News, and has received a glowing online review in NJCU's The Gothic Times.

Many have asked how to purchase Counting. I have good news! It's now available at Word Bookstore in Jersey City and Little City Books in Hoboken. Or you can order a signed copy directly from me here.

Lest you need more reason to pick up a copy (perhaps as a gift!), in his Jersey City Times book-buying guide, James Broderick reflects,"Wallace, a professor at New Jersey City University and a longtime Jersey City resident, has eavesdropped thoughtfully on the conversations we have with each other and with our inner selves, and the result is an astonishingly moving collection, poems that address the things that threaten the integrity of our bodies — politic and private. Her work addresses suffering and loss in their many incarnations, but this is no pity party in print. Wallace’s voice is one of defiance and ultimately triumph where years of pain and anger “gather into beads/of sweat wiped clear/with the brush of a sweaty/hand across my forehead.”

Gothic Times writer Stephanie Bock proclaims, "Ann Wallace is one of those extraordinary authors that is not afraid to bring up the dark and traumatic sides of our lives, and as she does so, she writes it in a way that makes it feel so incredibly raw and real."

And in case you missed Counting's review earlier this fall in Wordgathering: A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature, Tricia Knoll writes, "Wallace's poetry is some of the best I've read both in regard to craft and the emotional impact of each poem's subject. She evokes great empathy and tenderness about some difficult subjects that I believe most women understand. Which is not to say this is "women's" poetry, but rather that it called on me to respond from who I am – which is what poetry worth reading often does." Wordgathering is the first journal that, under the leadership of Michael Northen, gave a home my poetry, so it is only fitting that it was the first to review it!

Thanks again, all, for your support. Stay tuned for more reading events in the new year!

With gratitude,



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