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Portfolio of Published Work

Published in Rhythm & Bones: A Literary Magazine, July 15, 2018

"Here, in this moment, I struggle. I do not know where this narrative is meant to go. And, without that, I do not know where this narrative begins. This is a story that is hard to tell."



Published in The Same, Issue 10.3 (June 18, 2018).

"The ride picked up speed, and by the second time around the loop, Molly was pushed by the centrifugal force of the circling ride to the outer edge of her seat. As the cars sped around and around, she looked smaller and smaller in her seat, her fingers gripped tightly to the metal bar in front of her."

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Published in The Capra Review, spring 2018.

"Cancer and MS hold silences that defy pride and survival. I cannot see my world through my children’s eyes, and, while I want their sightlines to remain unobstructed, I do not want them to see it through mine."

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Published in Mothers Always Write, July 14, 2017.

"But the grief, it is deep, and it is messy. The only way past it is by walking straight into its force so thick that some cannot make their way out." 

Little & Large Hands

Published in The Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine, June, 2016.

"In the vulnerable moments when we become unhinged from our expectations, our narratives can lead us in any direction, the endings unknown and unknowable. There is no possibility of getting back on course, when the old course is no longer available. Disease, loss, pain, betrayal—these events shake us to our core but what I have learned as I have had to re-consider and re-vise my identity time and again, is that they are not exceptional; terrible things happen to people all the time."

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