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POETRY: 2021

Poems published in literary journals in 2021


Published in Eunoia Review,
December 28, 2021

I pieced together my home
state today, in a map of New England
broken into a thousand pieces before me.

Light and Shadow

Published in Eunoia Review,
December 28, 2021

Could you ever understand if you were not
here in this quiet place of fear with me?
Behind these doors locked tight to keep you safe
and separate, the walls proved too porous
to hold life elements of oxygen, of sleep.

Broken Trunk

Published in Eunoia Review,
December 29, 2021

Things begin to break
one year into this long haul,
the weight of each new day’s neglect
adding upon that of the one before
and before and before,
since the time before
this virus entered uninvited.

Hand Shadow

Published in Halfway Down the Stairs,
September 1, 2021

I held her hand cupped within mine,
her brown fingers curled in permanent rest
as I applied a fresh coat of enamel to her nails.

Smiling Child

Published in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily,

March 16, 2021

When my youngest was just three,
or maybe four,
I took her to the dentist
one morning in early November.

As we left the house, she plucked
a bright red lollipop
from her bag of Halloween treats
and held it out, posing
a silent question.


Published in Mocking Heart Review,

February 2021

I plumb the depths 
of all we do not know 
with unspeakable terror, 
find a new path 
toward viral mass destruction 
every night as I sleep.

Man in Protective Suit

Published in Coffin Bell Journal,

January 2021

You want to know what fear
looks like? Then look
into my eyes, or imagine you can
as I sit alone in my home for the 33rd
day, as I read the final post
of a friend looking forward
to the birth of a grandchild

Forest Mist

Published in Coffin Bell Journal,

January 2021

My daughter and I laugh
at my muddled comments,
my questions asked anew on repeat
because I forget not just
the answer but that I have already
inquired about schoolwork, or dinner,
or the weather, and cannot remember

Empty Street

Published in Coffin Bell Journal,

January 2021

The woman watched as her husband took his last


Published in Coffin Bell Journal,

January 2021

I wonder if the house finches know
that they own the yard this year—
the cheery red-headed finches,
the cardinals, sparrows, mourning doves
and the large lone pigeon who began visiting
last week as I fell ill, to peck beneath the feeder.

All of them.

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