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POETRY: 2023

Poems published in literary journals in 2023

Stormy Beach

Published in Wordgathering,
Summer 2023

I suck in each brittle breath,
as my windpipe closes
around the thin flow
that sticks at the base of my throat,
then sears into my waiting lungs.


Published in Wordgathering,
Summer 2023

This illness breaks me
into three tied and tattered
threads—mine, hers, theirs,

a long narrative that ruptures,
compounds once, then
again, just when...

Pipes and Pressure

Published in Wordgathering,
Summer 2023

The impulse
to speak after years
of sorrow
and silence
builds along with the pressure
brewing in your head.

Concrete Wall

Published in Wordgathering,
Summer 2023

Each day here
and sputters, runs low
on fuel, just like before

2022-07-31 14.45_edited.jpg

Published in One Art,
August 1, 2023

Imagine this: if you have planters
of parsley or dill growing outside
in a sunny spot, odds are good
that you have tossed butterfly eggs
onto your pasta with the garnish
or mixed them into your salad.

Mirror Reflection

Published in One Art,
August 1, 2023

Do you get as frustrated as I
that some lessons do not come easy
or fast, that there are things we know
deep in our bodies, that we have learned
through trial and error and error
and error, and yet
we must learn them again?


Published in One Art,
August 1, 2023

I think I had the whole thing

Again, again, again.
I thought it was about me


Published in One Art,
August 1, 2023

The dreamy images flashed
in quick succession, on and on,
recognizable but too fast
for reading the endless
pages of fine print.

Tree Shadows on Wall

Published in One Art,
August 1, 2023

I began mourning
my trees last year
with the first news
of the tall building
to rise behind my yard.

Cherry Blossom

Published in Wild Roof Journal,
May 2023

Some years, spring's greatest

deceptions are daffodils

and cherry trees flashing

their gaudy colors

Broken Trunk

Published in Autumn Sky
Poetry Daily

April 10, 2023

Sometimes I think I must have spent
a lifetime as a girl searching
alone and in silence for toads
and salamanders, hoisting stones
and peering between blades of grass


Published in Thimble Literary Magazine,
Spring 2023

When I walked ‘round Walden Pond
on a warm March day, I traced the foot-
print of the small cabin and wondered 
about Thoreau and his solitude, 
deliberate yet close to all he held dear.


Published in MockingHeart Review,
Vol. 8, Issue 1: Winter 2023

You cooked the ravioli, warmed
the marinara on my stove, plated
them just so, added a sprinkle of cheese
and placed the bowl before me with a smile.


Published in The New Verse News,
January 31, 2023

Tell me about Tyre Nichols.
I don’t have any information
about Tyre Nichols as a person 
or a notable public figure.


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