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POETRY: 2022

Poems published in literary journals in 2022


Published in Snapdragon:
A Journal of Art & Healing

Winter 2022

We have all learned to hear
silence these years, but the quiet
that beats within is ours alone,
mine from yours, yours from mine.


Published in Silver Birch Press,
December 22, 2022

When Abby was four, or maybe five,

   she suggested
we create a raccoon sanctuary in

   the attic


Published in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily,
December 9, 2022

An empty trail is easy to follow.
I seek the company of shedding 
trees, their branches laid bare
as these pared down years stretch


Published in Gyroscope Review,
Fall 2022

Mary Oliver was at her town dump

in Provincetown scavenging

for shingles the day she learned

she'd won the Pulitzer.

Cherry Blossom

Published in Clementine Unbound,
September 6, 2022

That even in this wrenching
week that has taken so much,
and always, there is movement,
bits of life that stutter and grow,
or quietly hum along, as they should


Published in Recovery,
MSU Short Edition

Summer 2022

Each decade, or sooner,
I've been granted a fresh chance 
to master the art of illness.


Published in Recovery,
MSU Short Edition

Summer 2022

The science was there, 
in the chemo cocktail that dripped 
into me for 5 days each month,
a regimen my body bucked
and fought until the drugs won.

Pink Sky

Published in Panoplyzine,
Summer 2022

I was thinking about hungry birds
and spring and the returned fever
of my daughter but these things
do not inspire hope
so her sister suggests music

Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi

Published in Wordgathering,
Summer 2022

I dressed her in a white sari
and painted her nails,
but I do not remember
her name.

Office Dress

Published in Feral Poetry,
June 30, 2022

I did not see the granola bar
until I arrived at work
and rummaged through
my bag for lipstick or a tissue.


Published in New Note Poetry,
Summer 2022

Each   breath


  beating   breath



the thin


Actress Holding a Gun

Published in New Verse News,
June 24, 2022

Had my life but stood 

a loaded gun, I might have 

roamed these sovereign states

with ease and in the open.

New Flowers

Published in Pendemics Journal,
Spring 2022

This month is known

for the unflinching bind

of life and death. My Aprils

have crescendoed into despair,

each more deafening than the last.

People's Shadows

Published in Pendemics Journal,
Spring 2022

She learned in the early 90s

that the sidewalks of New York

are not flat, taking her handheld

level to the pavement to find

how hard it was for the weakened

still beautiful men to walk the avenues

Hand Pile of Happy Group

Published in New Verse News,
May 25, 2022

Can you see it?

The shredding of precious 

organs, of slim muscles and growing

bones, of smiles and baby teeth,

of dimples and pinky promises, 

when weapons meant for war

open fire on 40- and 50-pound

children crouching under desks,

Leaky Sink Drain Pipe

Published in New Verse News,
May 5, 2022

My daughters and I live in a leaky 

old house. The three of us have 

learned how to handle a plumbing 

emergency, to spring into action, 

sop up the mess, cut the water lines,

track the source, mend the seams.


Published in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily,
April 11, 2022

As spring arrived once more,
the death calls petered out.
We made it through a full year,
just barely, and survived.

Sahara Desert

Published in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily,
February 11, 2022

I’ve come to think of this virus as a mad villanelle,
like Sisyphus staggering up that hill under his stone
each week tumbling backward into hell.

White Duvet

Published in MockingHeart Review,
Winter 2022

One year into the long tail of this virus

I find things I do not recognize,

veins bulging that once lay flat, flacid pouches

where muscle lived and flexed, fine lines

and crepe-draped skin puckering

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