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Good Morning, America!

Since the moment my story, "I've Been Sick with COVID-19 for Over Three Months. Here's What You Should Know" was published in HuffPost on Wednesday, people have been reaching out to me and sharing it online.

Yesterday morning, Katie Couric even included my story in her daily Wake-Up Call newsletter, in her list of COVID related news. And this morning I was included in a segment on ABC's Good Morning, America.

My HuffPost story featured on Good Morning, America, June 26, 2020
On Good Morning, America, June 26, 2020

The Good Morning, America piece shines an important light on the terrifying and painful experiences of COVID-19 survivors. You can watch it here.

Indeed, I wrote my HuffPost story with two goals: to assist patients still or newly struggling with the virus; and as a stark reminder of the harrowing realities of living with and through this virus. This reminder is, sadly, very much needed as many regions of the country now face the dire consequences of reopening and loosening protective measures too early.

And no one knows this more than those who were infected early and are still struggling. I have been particularly moved by messages from long-tail patients who have shared how alone they have been in their illnesses, despairing that no one is discussing the prolonged suffering the virus can cause. That conversation, thankfully, has been beginning in the past few weeks, and now that it has begun, we must keep it in the spotlight until we, collectively, have committed to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and have found effective ways to treat those who are sick.

1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 01, 2020

Ann, yes, horrible, I hope you get better ever day. Two suggestions for your next Huffpost and ABC interview? (I run my own blogs but on other subjects.)

(1) Promoting glutathione as per the thread below, as the drug companies never will.

(2) The NY Times had 2 halfpage articles on Oximeters.

I already knew that low oxygenation is the 800 pound gorilla of indicators that the COVID is there.

Its a full week ahead of temperature and any other tests. For hairdressers, restaurants etc, if customers read below 92-93 percent:

Dont even let them in the door!!

You could promote the notion that EVERYONE starting here in NYC should carry their own Oximeter at all times, and do a…

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