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Counting down to Counting by Sevens!

I have been counting by sevens my entire life, and I am delighted to have a poetry collection to show for it now. Or rather, I will in a few months.

My poetry collection Counting by Sevens is forthcoming this summer from Main Street Rag Press, but you can order your advance copy now!

I began writing poetry seven years ago, at a moment when the rhythms and structures of prose felt ill-suited for expressing the cognitive gaps and silences of life with illness. As I confronted the cancer of my twenties and the multiple sclerosis of my present, I discovered that the infinite flexibility within poetic forms allowed me to voice the collisions and repetitions of past and present.

In writing this collection, my focus has both (often simultaneously) narrowed and broadened, shifting from the pains and wounds of a nation, to moments of girlhood and motherhood, to reflections on living with diseases that overwhelm at times, and slip from notice at others.

Counting by Sevens, forthcoming this August, is now available for preorder for $9. Please do consider ordering a copy for yourself at Main Street Rag Bookstore. Thank you!


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